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About Us

With its Grand Opening in 1994, Appliance Driven was the realization of a dream and the culmination of years of hard work and experience that allowed a Father and Son's vision to come true. Joel Kapnick, the owner of Appliance Driven has over 25 years of experience in the Appliance and Electronics industry and his father, Ossie Kapnick has over 60. Much of their time and dedication is spent on bringing customer satisfaction to the forefront, consistently working hard to make sure that everyone will have the best possible appliance experience.

The combination of a father's wisdom and a son's ingenuity propelled Appliance Driven to success. This alliance was and still is a driving factor that operates this store at an exceptional level. Being the President of a company does not stop Joel from being readily available to all customers, whether it be on the phone or at our showroom location, he will always be there to help. Our delivery and sales team possess this same belief and work tirelessly to continue this legacy by accommodating our customers in every way possible.

Throughout the years, Appliance Driven has served all of its customers with low prices on home appliances and top notch customer service. Our understanding and professional training of the products we sell separates us and sets us high above the competition. With these numerous skills we possess, we have been able to help our customers in a more thorough and beneficial way. As Joel will tell you, "As an independent dealer for appliances and electronics, we have had to work harder and smarter to meet and surpass the challenges that the competition brings to our industry. Yet we have remained vital, competitive and successful through our pricing structure and superior service and installations."

Appliance Driven's personal commitment to providing excellent service, an outstanding selection and economical prices will always keep us ahead of the competition. Appliance Driven is where you make the difference...